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When it comes to offering experienced and affordable tree service in West Covina, then look no further than us! The arborists and tree surgeons employed at Tree Service West Covina offer the best tree removal and stump grinding in the area. Our team of tree experts is all licensed and insured to handle any tree work task you are in need of, so please give us a call anytime at (626)-602-3064 and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with a free estimate for your landscaping project.

Tree removal in West Covina can often be a difficult task, which is why we always recommend consulting with a professional like us before moving forward with the tree work. We always make sure to go above and beyond to ensure our clients that they are getting the best West Covina cutting tree service experience possible. Not only do we provide the most affordable and fair prices for both parties, but our team of arborists is super knowledgeable in the industry and has been for over 25 years.

Please be sure to take a look at the variety of tree services that we offer and let us know how we can help improve your lawn care today! If you happen to not see a service listed on our website that you need, then please give us a call regardless as our team is always eager to take on more tree care projects. In fact, if you need an arborist tree service near me, then the Tree Service West Covina experts will be there anytime. Our only goal is to provide the best tree care to our residents and will always do our best to maintain repeatable customers. The removal tree services in West Covina are ready anytime!


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Tree Service Near Me Today!

Tree removal is a daunting task and should never be attempted on your own. There’s a reason why the tree service industry is ranked among the most dangerous types of jobs out there, and it’s mostly due to dangerous falls, unexpected accidents, and heavy lifting. The Tree Service West Covina team is always available to handle any tree labor you may be in need of removing from your property, as our arborists always recommend consulting with a professional like us before starting any type of tree-related project. Oftentimes, our team gets called in to handle stump grinding services in West Covina, however, our specialty would certainly be tree trimming and pruning.

The West Covina tree service team of arborists handles a wide range of tree work to help improve your landscape and property. The main services we provide are listed below, however, please give us a call at (626)-602-3064 regardless of any tree work and our team will be more than happy to give you a hand. We offer tree removal, stump grinding, tree trimming, tree pruning, shrub removal, tree surgeon, tree cabling, land clearing, tree spraying, tree planting, root removal, emergency tree service and so much more. West Covina tree trimming and pruning is our most popular service, however, we’re always eager to take on multiple projects since we provide the best tree service in West Covina!

Like any other city, there are many different types of trees that are in need of assistance. That is why our team of tree experts started to expand their tree services to multiple areas surrounding the West Covina area. Our team is always eager to help, so if you’re located in Vincent, Covina, Walnut, Valinda, West Puente Valley, Citrus, Avocado Heights, City Of Industry, South San Jose Hills, or any other areas nearby, then please give us a call and let us know which tree service listed below you are in need of. The Tree Service West Covina team will always be ready to help improve the landscape and property of any local resident in need.

tree removal west covina

Tree Removal

Tree removal is a dangerous task and should always be handled by a professional. Our tree experts are always eager to provide the best tree removal to help improve your landscape.

stump grinding west covina

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is always needed to remove a tree stump after a tree has been removed prior. This task is very difficult to do, however, our arborists have the proper equipment to do it.

tree trimming west covina

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is what our arborists have the most experience with and is often our most popular service. Tree trimming can keep trees fresh as well as maintain a stunning view.

tree pruning west covina

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is quite different from the art of trimming, as this skill requires an arborist to measure the health and condition of each tree pruned. It’s important to hire a professional. 

shrub removal west covina

Shrub Removal

Shrub removal is a daunting task and causes large headaches to your yard and landscape. Although shrubs can look nice, the majority of the time they need to be removed properly.

tree surgeon west covina

Tree Surgeon

Tree surgeons are quite similar to those of Arborists, however, there are some minor differences in what they do. Tree surgeons tend to have more knowledge of the health of trees.

tree cabling west covina

Tree Cabling

Tree cabling is a very difficult task used to keep a tree in tack before trying to remove it. It’s important to have this done to keep a tree from falling in the wrong direction when cutting it.

land clearing west covina

Land Clearing

Land clearing is often done when the tree service job has been completed. Additionally, this service is also performed after a storm has passed and the property of an owner is messy.

tree spraying west covina

Tree Spraying

Tree spraying should never be done without a professional. The dangerous chemicals cause large changes in the trees and plants around it, including the insects and bugs living in them.

tree planting west covina

Tree Planting

Tree planting is important to maintain for the future development and growth of our planet. We don’t get many requests, but our arborists are always happy to help plant more trees.

root removal west covina

Root Removal

Root removal is very similar to that of shrubs. They can often create a lovely display for your property, or create a large mess that prevents the growth of other plants within your garden.

emergency tree service west covina

Emergency Tree Service

Emergency tree service is always available to those in need of sudden tree work. Most emergencies occur after a storm or the falling of an unexpected tree without warning.

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