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Implementing your tree planting project is good for you and the surrounding environment. Trees improve the aesthetics of an environment and they freshen the air, making an area pleasant and beautiful to the eye. Furthermore, people also find good use of the shade under trees and they can prevent erosion. However, as a person without knowledge of trees, it may be difficult for you to understand the type of trees that would thrive in your environment and how to plant them. At Tree Service West Covina we are all about trees and we understand what you need. We can recommend the best tree species that you should get for your environment.

Our professional intervention will always come in handy as we will be with you throughout the growth journey of your trees. As a layperson, you do not possess the deep knowledge that a certified arborist has. However, an arborist can analyze your tree planting site and see if it is suitable for planting trees. They will also offer suggestions on the best species you can plant on the site. Further, they give sufficient advice to ensure that your trees can survive in the long run. Our team of experts provides you with much-needed intervention for tree planting services in West Covina. We are certified arborists and work to guide you through the process of maintaining the trees in your yard.

As a team of professional arborists near you, we can guide you to choose the most suitable tree species for your site. Size, while tall trees are good for the environment, there are specific ones to go for. The tree species you can plant will be determined by the area coverage of your yard and how large the tree can grow. You want a tree that can grow to a specific size. It wouldn’t be a good idea to get a large tree that may turn out to be an obstacle to the space you want to enjoy in your yard. Purpose, while another factor that we consider when offering tree planting services to achieve the land.

For example, if you simply want to make your property attractive, there are specific trees that we will recommend. Hence, you can count on our professional tree planting services to offer you a much-needed curb appeal. Pest susceptibility, while you need to consider how susceptible your trees will be to pests and diseases. Some of the diseases you need to look out for include scotch pine and apple scab. Soil conditions, which will greatly affect the trees and shrubs you grow. Ideally, trees grow well in soils with a PH of 6.0 to 7.5. Our wealth of experience and knowledge in tree planting is timely for you if you want to pursue a tree-planting project or root removal job.

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